Photography came as a shock to me when I first saw some of the most famous humanist pictures and discovered Magnum Agency work. From there, I started exploring the vast photographic universe with a surprise at every step. Everywhere this same idea: looking at the Other, capturing a unique moment in space and time and the need to be a witness of society evolution through the lens.

In October 2006, I got my first SLR camera (canon EOS 350 D). Since then, I've always had a camera with me; my partner as I walk around Paris and other big cities focusing on the isolation of men in their self created environment, or simply capturing moments to remember, here and there
I grew up in Bordeaux, surrounded by visual arts of various types. After a few years in England, I settled down in Paris, where I work a as teacher and finally have time to enjoy my photographic passion. I mostly shoot in black and white for its timeless simplicity as much as for its graphic dimension, leaving more space for textures, lights, lines and curves.

As a self-taught amateur, photography is a real pleasure to me. I also aim at sharing what I've felt when the picture was taken, the testimony and/or the aesthetics of the moment.